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Helpful Links

Etudes (exercises, or studies):
Here are some links to sheet music for etudes out of copyright that you may download for free! You still might want to buy the book for some of these though:

Lee 40 Easy Etudes for Cello Op.70 (beginner to 2nd year) 
No shifting, uses notes on all four strings and a variety of bowings and rhythms. Composed as duets.

Dotzauer 113 Etudes for Violoncello (Books 1-2 intermediate, Books 3-4 advanced)
Shifting up to the fourth position in books 1-2. Book 3 uses more advanced double stops and thumb position. Book 4 is quite virtuosic.

Lee Melodic Progressive Etudes for the Cello (intermediate to advanced) 
Shifting up to the fourth position and octave harmonic in book 1; book 2 is more advanced, including double stops, trills, advanced bowing techniques, and thumb position. These etudes are more melodic and fun than the typical Dotzauer etude.

Duport 21 Etudes (advanced, sometimes used for All-state) 
Scroll down to the one that says "21 Etudes: Original version (2-parts)", or "21 Etudes: Revised version (1-part)"
The 1-part version will save you some paper and ink, but the 2-part version might be a little more fun.

Popper High School of Cello Playing op. 40 (advanced, often used for All-State etudes)

Tools for Practicing:

Tune your instrument online!

A free online metronome, in case your metronome's battery died.

Or you might like this metronome better.

Here is an online tone generator that you can use to practice your intonation. You may use this site if I ask you to practice with a drone. You will need to download Java to use it.

Music Theory:

This is a website with a unique way of looking at the most important aspect of music: rhythm! It has some exercises that you can tap and sing along to.

Interested in Music Theory? You can get started at this interactive music theory website. Music theory explains some of the mysteries of music, so that you can understand how music works. It is an area of music education that is often overlooked in orchestra class.

Another site for music theory enthusiasts.

A theory website created by the folks at SMU.

Feel like composing? Print some staff paper here for free!

For Cellos Only: 

An interesting cellist "family tree". This is a database of cellists, their teachers, and their students.

Online cello resource center, created by Paul Katz, a famous cellist/teacher at the New England Conservatory. Includes video lessons on various cello techniques.

The Internet Cello Society has more information on cello than I know what to do with. A good place to start is the "Tips" section.

This site has some great arrangements for cello ensembles for sale, as well as some neat interviews of some major cellists of our time. Thanks for sharing, Blaise!

The Prakticello is an instrument that can be folded up to a small size for easy travel, so that one may practice while away. Looks pretty cool!

Sheet Music Databases: 
International Music Score Library Project. Use this website to find and download sheet music that is out of copyright for free! You will have to accept a disclaimer should you want to download any music.

College info:

Thanks, Angela, for sharing this college scholarship search website!